Have the relations with Rama "cooled"? Mimi Kodheli speaks: There were discussions when the list of candidates for deputies was drawn up

2023-03-20 21:27:42Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Mimi Kodheli and Edi Rama

The member of the SP leadership, Mimi Kodheli, believes that her political force will win the elections, because she knows how to renew herself with ideas, people and programs.

With 20 years of experience in the SP and as one of its respected voices, she believes that the presidency will make fair decisions for municipal candidates.

"We will continue to stay in power for a long time, because we are the right and the best in the market" - she said during the interview for the show "Pa Censure".

Regarding the situation where the opposition is, Kodheli says that he does not "rub his belly and say thank you that they are".

"I don't rub my stomach and say thank you that they are in this position and that we continue to govern regardless of how we govern. A divided opposition is not good for the country. I hope it will be a transitional period for the right-wing force" - said Mimi Kodheli.

She answered without even avoiding the question of whether she has cooled down with Edi Rama, since she was not placed on the winning list in the last elections.

"We have been working together for 20 years. Some periods closer, some further away, but we are there, we feel it and we see that we are always collaborators. At the time of drawing up the lists, there was a discussion. I am telling you as I told Prime Minister Rama: I was at the top of the list or in the first 3 of the list. I am honored to be at the bottom of the SP list. I serve the country regardless of whether I am no. 1 or 35, how long have I been chosen to do this work. I will do it even when I am 35 and I will do it today, when I am still in the market, in charge of political affairs." - said Mimi Kodheli.