TOUCHING / Excited socialists celebrate the seal of the Democratic Party

2024-06-13 17:56:49Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Tall, Friend Gramoz and friend Musa talking during the party

TIRANA – June 12, 2024 marked a very exciting moment for the Socialist Party in power, which that afternoon decided to organize a party at the party's headquarters that continued until late. The announcement was distributed in a virtual form by the general secretary Belbëzim Kosi, who informed all exponents, deputies, ministers and heads of branches that at the invitation of the president Te Gjata, the socialists would celebrate receiving the stamp from the Democratic Party of Doctor Grata e Vinci -t.


Everyone had gathered in the courtyard of the SP. The protocol had not forgotten the old guard of the party, where the presence of Comrade Gramoz, Comrade Musa, Comrade Namik and other comrades stood out.

"I couldn't be absent, " said friend Gramoz of the Patronage, " getting the seal from the Doctor is a great victory for us. This enthusiasm that I see here reminds me of the anniversaries of battalions and partisan coasts".

The arrival of the president Te Djuda, who for this special occasion was wearing pajamas and a thin summer robe, added to the joy. He was greeted with thunderous applause and was immediately surrounded by ministers called by SPAK, mayors candidates to be called by SPAK and directors who had just left SPAK.

"Well done chairman! Enjoy the seal! Forward for victory!", the socialist cheers were heard.

It is understood that i Gjati chose to stay more with his friend Gramoz.

"Happy creator, " Comrade Gramoz said to him separately, " even though you had against the American Sixth Fleet and those influencers, you still managed to give the seal to the Doctor. Finally, the monster got justice!"

The Tall One explained that it was not easy.

"I don't know why they wanted to give the stamp to Lula, " he explained, "I told both Macron and Meloni that in my opinion the Doctor deserves the stamp. So at least in the next elections there will be a fair competition and let the best win!"


Patronageist learns that after the sun went down, a strange group of cheerleaders approached the SP courtyard, with the request to celebrate together.

"We belong to the Doctor," said the cooperative worker Agron Gjeçbelanaj to the socialists, "let's unite on this good day, because we have a common cause."

But I Gjati refused. "The reservation for tonight was made by our company, I'm sorry. You go there from the alley. I don't believe the Doctor has any air conditioners left to throw out the window,” he instructed.

Gjeçbelanaj blushed with anger.

"So??? Let's go gentlemen, you don't fight with half-opings. We are aristocrats," he said proudly and turned to Te Gjati, "I'll tell you about the next elections."

Those present laughed and replied: " Yes, we are celebrating for the next elections, O Goneeee".


The socialist celebrations continued until the municipal police asked them to turn down the music. But in the meantime, the sources informed Patronajist that a sad message came to Te Gjat on his cell phone.

"How did you treat me like this, O cat, O heart of stone! I didn't have a drop of mercy after that...".

The chairman did not think much. He returned this answer: " You didn't understand the game, my Flower! I told you, when they remove the seal, appeal the decision and next time we will give it to you. Shife did not leave the Doctor's heart!"  

Note: Patronageist is a satirical column without a stamp