JUSTICE / SPAK questions 85,000 employees of the administration because they "know about the case"

2024-05-20 13:07:32Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Bastun Hanxhiu coming out of the interview he received at SPAK

TIRANA - Closed sources claimed for Patronajisti that the special anti-corruption prosecution, SPAK, has so far questioned about 85 thousand employees of all ranks of the public administration, from the central and local governments, elected and appointed, as "persons who have know about the matter".

Among the last to leave the offices of SPAK smiling, was the mayor of Durrës, Dasmore Sako, who declared to the media that she had been invited by the prosecutors to give some opinions on the film Dasma e Sako, as a person in the know, as well as Ministers, mayors, former ministers and former presidents knew before her.


We are people who know about the issue, said dozens and hundreds of teachers, police officers, specialists, accountants, secretaries, electricians, IT heads and dam designers. They stated that they could not give more details, as they would compromise the progress of the investigations. The patronage officer, however, has learned that the issue that SPAK is investigating starts from the tenders for pencils and A4 format papers, to new websites of institutions that cost on average from 4 to 400 thousand euros, tenders for painting, plastering, changing plugs of keys, fuel and police and military uniforms. The same issue also included the purchase or rental of stratospheric cars, the costs of repairing the super-benz that left the Speaker of the Assembly with a taxi, the purchase of 100,000 euro carpets for the offices of the ministers, the paving of village roads, super-roads, marinas for yachts and the replacement of broken windows of the school "36 Gushti" in the village of Greminas of the municipality of Humneras.

According to SPAK, in this aspect, the investigation of police chiefs who sell the movements of rivals to criminal gangs through the TIMS system, or even their part-time work in the afternoons, as executors of these same gangs, is of interest. However, regarding this last category, the reporters were somewhat confused, because the policemen appeared in civilian clothes at the doors of SPAK, and when they came out, they declared that they were painters who knew about the case.    


The only one who came out of the information scheme and appeared in front of the cameras with an original version, was the well-known journalist Bastun Hanxhiu, who stated that he had entered SPAK with a hat pulled over his eyes and sunglasses, to get an interview . Only the desolate Bastuni broke it when they asked him who he interviewed.

" I'm not allowed to say who I interviewed, because I might harm the progress of the investigation, " he escaped. However, the journalist with a salary of 17 thousand euros per month as a marketing specialist of the American Hospital, did not lose his temper and to this day continues to debate journalistically in television studios. Bile Bastuni declared that he deserved that salary, because he took clients, that is, sick people, to the hospital. " I worked like a mule, even when I couldn't find patients, I made some healthy friends sick to take them there. "No one should be ashamed of work, " Bastuni declared at the time, inviting the media not to settle the accounts without the inn.


It is learned that part of the case is also the tender of 6 thousand red and black flags that were used in the great rally in Athens, 3 million euros found in bundles in the house of an Albanian immigrant from Durrës who worked as a bricklayer in Switzerland, as well as ten pens that were found in the house of a village teacher.

While all the persons are being investigated at large, the teacher in question was arrested red-handed and is in a cell, without the right to appeal. 

Note: Patronageist is a satirical column empathetic towards people who know about the issue