ALBAXING / President Shakator Hoxha tells when the money for the tickets not flown will be refunded

2024-06-19 19:30:26Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Shakator Hoxha showing a new box of tickets

TIRANA - The well-known Albanian airline company Albaxing assures the hundreds of passengers left in the attempt, that the tickets they bought during the last months will be reimbursed to the extent of 120%, only a little patience is needed.

The statement was made by the president of Albaxing, the well-known Shakator Hoxha, with an inseparable smile that is rivaled to some extent only by Lulash Basha. Speaking about Patronageist, Shakatori clarified that the flights with Italy no longer exist, since the lines have been taken over by another airline, but online tickets can be received regularly by all Albanians wherever they are, but also by foreigners from where they are and where they are from. they are not.

"Our policy as an airline company is that the money must move from one pocket to the other, otherwise it stinks and stinks ," Shakatori declared, "therefore we accept payments with a heart, but the flights don't exist; money circulation is the alpha of the market economy. I am a student of December, that's why we overthrew the dictatorship".

The President announced that paid and unflown tickets will be refunded in such a way that the buyers come out victorious.

"I have signature clothing stores, where frustrated passengers can relax by shopping for jeans, dresses, socks and shirts in white and colors at bargain prices. Hurry, hurry to Xing with Albaxing ,” the Joker said with a smile.


The patron remembers that it was a similar Lulbashian smile many years ago that magically calmed Belle Air ticket buyers. The company had gone bankrupt, but professional ethics and common sense did not allow the directors to notify passengers that ticket sales had been blocked.

But President Shakator Hoxha assures all the fans of the national team that this is not the case with Albaxing. He even claimed that the company is preparing new pilots with intensive 4 and 6 month courses, at very affordable prices.

"While the Doctor prepared judges and prosecutors for 6 months, why don't we also produce airplane pilots, for Albania and the region?" , the Joker declared.

An efficient way of reimbursing the ticket money, added Shakatori, whom everyone in the neighborhood calls Shako, could be precisely attending these courses.

"Whoever bought tickets for 300-400 euros can attend half of the pilot's course. That is, to learn how to lift the plane in the air. If he learns how to sit, he has to pay and so on, and we give him the certificate. Otherwise, it will remain in the air," explained Shakatori.


Once the most famous sports commentator of ping-pong, Shakator Hoxha decided to put the craft behind him, to devote himself to a new career: He was going to run for president of the Albanian Hammer Throwing Federation.

But the doctors advised him that he could cut flesh that way, since the hammer was a bourgeois sport. So Shakator ran for the Football Federation. In his program, he promised that he would rekindle Albanians' passion for football, increase the domestic production of young footballers, sell them abroad, they would become rich, and then excited Albanians would wait for plane tickets for him. watching their matches around Europe.

The program was very painful, but Mandi of the AFL did not allow him to win. The prankster immediately accused him of rigging and vote fraud.

"I don't understand, in this country everyone has a mind to steal, brother, " the Joker declared bitterly, but immediately gathered himself and returned the smile.

"However, I will run again for another term ," he said and used the epitaph when commenting on cricket matches: "Four additional years, four years of hope, dear friends! Long live Albaxing!”

Note: Patronageist is an anti-butterfly satirical column