Laughter and tears of joy, Fiori Dardha is surprised by the people of her heart (VIDEO)

2024-05-20 12:05:22Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Fiori Dardha

A woman who is a lady in everything she does, strong, with many friends and companions in her life, and above all beautiful and always in shape! Fiori Dardha was the next guest on "Music when I listen" on E Diell yesterday afternoon.

She was surprised by some of her friends and loved ones such as Erion Sheri, Santana Çomora, Ana Kekezi, Doklea Hadergjonaj, sister Albana, her niece Era and son Abel.

In the words about her close friend Ana, she said: "I am a person who expresses love a lot, while Ana is a little colder. She is a soulmate, a heartmate, in short, she is a friend in trouble, to be found in good and difficult days", said Fiori about her friend.

For each of them, the journalist expressed heartfelt words, causing tears of joy in the studio, and also showed the starting points of society in this case with the editor-in-chief of Living magazine. Fiori said that the strong friendship between them started from a fight in working conditions, which strengthened the relationship even more.

"I have known Santa for a lifetime. We met on television and since I was a capricious nature, I have a friend who was born out of a fight. It was a tough work debate, about camera issues, "I don't need this moment, no, I don't want the character, etc., etc." Santa was boss at the time. A friend says to me: "You spoke very harshly to Santa" and I, with that stubbornness of mine, told her "yes, I needed the camera", "she is also pregnant", she said. And I can't believe it when Andy, Santa's son, turned 5 years old, I stopped apologizing to him," Fiori said amid laughter.

Likewise, the little ones, her granddaughter and her son had surprised her with moments from her childhood years. Era wore the school uniform when Fiori was in primary classes, while her son Abel had brought her 9-year-old school certificates.