Juli Kunja with Luiz at a distance: He proposed to Kiara with a text of mine. The singer answers...

2024-05-20 10:51:57Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

One of the interviewees for "Big Brother Live from the House" yesterday evening was Jul Deda, one of the 5 finalists of this edition.

He talked about the experience inside the house, the plans he has when he goes outside and at one point of the interview he brought to attention the winner of the second edition of "BBV", Luiz Ejllin.

"Luizi proposed to Kiara with a text of mine. "My Juliet... I will burn Shkodra...", she is mine, so..."- says Juli.

Is this an irony that Juli has done for Luiz?

So an answer comes from Luiz, who writes: The text is by Sander Ruçi, but...