Nuk can surprise! Heidi Tregon is Kush and Fiton Big Brother Sipas Wise

2024-05-19 17:29:34Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Heidi Bachi

Heidi Baçi has revealed that she thinks her boyfriend Romeo Veshaj will be the winner of "BBV".

During a conversation with Egla Cenon and Julian Deda, the latter asked the contestant between her and the actress who could be the winner, while Heidi said: "Me.".

"You are insinceous, bac. You said differently before" – juli said, as Heidi said he said Egla is a strong player but she has recently played more.

Part of the conversation:

Julie: Phaeton at Kush 'Big Brotherin' back?

Heidi: Romeo

Juli: I am asking you about this.

Heidi: I

Juli: Have you ever done more in this house?

Heidi: Mendoj që po

Juli: You are insinct, bac.

Heidi: Pse?

Juli: Because you said it differently a while ago

Heidi: I said Egla is a very strong player. But at the last thing I think myself. I don't want to give you a, so I don't like these questions. If the concept is based on your logic, you're right you're the strongest.