From the relationship with Heidi to her husband's reaction to the "famous joke", Franceska speaks after leaving BBV: The Ergys all talked about Dorina...

2024-05-19 15:22:05Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Franceska Murati, in the first interview after being eliminated from "Big Brother VIP", expressed her happiness for her experience, while saying that the five finalists deserve the grand finale on May 25.

Invited to the "Fan Club", the former resident expressed, among other things, her disappointment with Heidi, with whom she had a friendship, which then gave way to conflicts and debates. According to her, Heidi used it for her schemes in the game.

"From my side, the friendship was very sincere in the beginning. I went in expecting to be friends with everyone, to have real relationships with everyone in the house. On Heidi's side, it turned out to be very different, it was a scheme.

I was disappointed by the fact that she approached me, introduced herself as my friend, wanted to establish a relationship with me. He came to bed, invited Romeo too, said he has a girlfriend. He would then go to the confession room and say that Franceska will enter between the couple. I was shocked".

Franceska Murati left last night the competition for the big prize of "Big Brother VIP", while the five finalists were announced: Romeo Veshaj, Julian Deda, Egla Ceno, Heidi Baci and Meriton Mjekiqi.

Among the laughs, she said that Ergysi (husband) was now called Dorina humorously. For more see the video...