"We'll marry together..." posted messages with Romeo, Erjola Doci reveals what the truth is

2024-05-19 19:25:50Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Erjola Doci in "Don't Fall With The Ball"

In the House of Big Brother VIP Albania 3 there have been a series of events, which were constantly commented on outside this format.

Such was Erjola Doci's report with Romeo Veshaj, following a statement made by dancer Graciano Tagani.

After she left, she was invited to "Don't Ball Them", where she said it all.

The host of the show, Ronaldo Sharka, has introduced some conversations, which she has rejected.

She says that they are not true and what she said in this show.

Romeo, on the other hand, is enjoying a love romance with Heidi Baci, who he met in this format.

In addition to them, they have gone to the final: Julian Deda, Egla Ceno and Meriton Mjekiqi.