"It seems very servile", the former resident of "BB" publishes the messages, Naimi once "taunted" Luiz about Kiara

2023-12-06 13:55:12Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The murder of 30-year-old Liridona Ademaj has left a deep trace of sadness in the entire public opinion. It has already been revealed that the organizer of the event was her husband, Naim Murseli.

He ordered and paid for the murder of the mother of his two children, while in a leaked Instagram conversation, he once lashed out at Luiz with offensive labels as he tried to win Kiara's heart in the 'BBV' house.

The photo was published on Instastory by the former inhabitant of 'Big Brother', Elton Tozaj, where he writes: "Sometimes I found a conversation of the killer Naim Murseli during the time of BBV, who made fun of why I was team Luiz. I was impressed by the sentence he said: As if he has not seen a woman with his eyes".

"It seems very servile", the former resident of "BB"