"It doesn't want to be...", Franceska talks about her husband and collides with the producer in the studio of the show (VIDEO)

2024-05-22 19:48:40Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Franceska Murati

This afternoon, Franceska Murati was invited to "Invitation to 5", who shared her first experiences after leaving the BBV3 house.

Proclaimed "Miss London", the beauty said that the first moment she met her son, he was asleep and that she was afraid, as he had forgotten her. Furthermore, regarding her private life, she emphasized that her partner will not be a public figure.

"We have a very private life and he will not really be a public figure", she said.

In a clash with Eduart Deda, Franceska claimed that she acted with class in difficult moments and did not accept the opinions regarding her behavior at home.

"Yes, my dear, I showed myself very classy in those moments", answered Franceska Edit, rejecting the definition as a stalker in the house of BBV3.