"Crack" between the moderators after the "dismissal for mistakes" in the show, the former manager attacks the journalist: Thanks to "professionalism", you brought it to zero...

2024-05-22 18:26:00Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ermal Qorri, Valbona Mhilli / Matilda Mcini, Florian Agalliu

The departure of the two moderators of the show "Mirmëngjes Albania" on RTSH, Ermal Qorrit and Valbona Mhillit, seems to have prompted a "revenge" of the former moderator of this show, Matilda Mcini.

Rumors have circulated on the network that the duo has been fired because of the mistakes they made during the broadcast. But both have denied that this is the reason, saying that they left willingly.

However, journalist Matilda Mcini has not spared herself by attacking her colleague Qorri, as the latter stated that he took the show from "zero" by raising it to the top.

Apparently, Mcini did not like this statement, who previously directed this show together with colleague Florian Agalliu.

"Clarification: you found the morning show and thanks to 'professionalism' you took it to ZERO. Bring success in life", wrote Matilda Mcini on social networks.

"Crack" between the moderators after the "dismissal for