VIDEO / Egla's partner will appear in the BBV grand finale? Former resident: His name is...

2024-05-22 16:15:43Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Egla Ceno /BBV3

Egla Ceno said a few weeks ago that she is very much in love, but without giving details about the person in question. The former resident of "Big Brother VIP1", Paloma, spoke about this today.

While he was in a live connection with the "Breaking" show, Fiori Dardha asked him if he will be Egla's partner in the grand finale?

"And above all, you have managed to find who it is", Fiori then added.

"Francesco...", said the well-known journalist laughing and then added: "Who is only Egla knows".

Meanwhile, Paloma expressed that she would actually like to see some Massimiliano Varrese in the final, to clarify once and for all with Heidi Baçin.