PHOTO/ Pushed the journalist to take photos, Roza breaks the silence about the viral video and explains to the followers

2024-05-27 11:24:44Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

On the red carpet of the finale of "BBVA 3", Roza Lati had an incident with journalist Albana Ruçi, whom she jokingly pushed to take a photo. The video immediately went viral, and Albana's colleagues and commentators reacted to it, describing the action as "demanding attention" and "rude".

The journalist herself published the moment and wrote: "The idea is that I laugh and don't make a big deal because I'm not hungry for attention, that I could have pretended that I had fallen or been hurt a lot, that I was alive, but I'm in it 20's and not close to 40's, so the sky has room for all the stars. And those that will fade and fall, bring luck. So, don't worry."

Later, Albana said: "I was the last one to connect! I interviewed Roza afterwards, even in the studio and very kindly. Many people wrote to me last night, but I ignored it. Today, as the posts and questions continued if it was something tolerable or not, I had a small reaction, compared to the feeling. Small, perhaps hasty actions do not make us bad people."

Based on the noise that was made on the network, Roza, through several posts on the Internet, made it known that she did not want to hurt the journalist, but to take some photos from the important evening.

"A message for the public and Albana", Roza started the reaction. "Since you're in your 20s and not your 40s, take some advice from me. You were there and saw my approach with your own eyes. I told you several times: "Honey, as long as I take two photos, the photos are gone." I was there and I would definitely speak out".