As soon as BBV3 ended, director Ergys Lubonja surprises, this is when "Big Brother VIP 4" starts

2024-05-27 10:44:22Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Big Brother VIP 3" had its grand finale on Saturday, May 25, after a show that lasted more than 4 months.

A colossal job was done by the staff and the production, which ended up being a tremendous success. To talk more about the challenges, but also some exclusive details, the director of this edition, Ergys Lubonja, was invited to the "Wake Up" studio.

Did you meet Egla after the victory?

I have met him. I know most of them, I had Egla as a colleague at the Academy, Juli as well. I met him after he won. We hugged, we didn't have time to talk. She was the strongest player.

"Big Brother" played very hard. There have been exaggerations and excesses, but this format here has the beautiful thing because it is real. People are like that. Egla does not play a character that she is not.

On Tuesday and Saturday there will be a "Big Brother VIP" post, what should we expect?

We have had cases with very strong 'post', but what I hope is that it 'doesn't rain in the studio' (laughs). There has been a lot of strain and arguments and I think there should be some sort of peace. It's been a game of nerves, but with him coming out, a lot of things have to be squared off. What happened there, let it stay there.

As for "Big Brother VIP 4", when will it be able to come?

It will come a little earlier... I think it will be even more interesting. Because these three editions have been different.