"Victory inspires envy", Egla message with a pin to Juli?

2024-06-15 19:37:20Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Egla Ceno

Egla Ceno was declared the winner of the third edition of "BBV", where for the first time in the history of "BB" a woman won the competition.

But, in addition to the support and positive comments that she has received, Egla has also faced negative comments or people who have come out against her victory.

For this, Egla has shared a post this afternoon where it seems to have a message for all the people who envy her for the victory, or maybe it could be a message for a single person who could be Juli who last night said that the victory of Egla is dirty. He even called himself the best player of all BBV.

"If you underestimate the other victory, you must be either a genius or envious. If you are envious, you are doing nothing but confessing your inferiority. Victory inspires envy. Envy produces resentment and anger. I say chill, peace and kiss Lala right on the cheek... Okay?" - says the actress.

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