Is the friendship with Roza Latin broken? Rike Roçi clarifies the relationship between them

2024-06-15 15:54:01Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Roza and Rikja

The well-known moderator Roza Lati celebrated her birthday two days ago and gathered at a dinner all the residents of BBV3, with whom she maintains good relations.

What was noticed was the absence of Rike Roçi, who had a very good relationship with Roza both before BBV and during their reality show experience.

But Rike's absence from the party and the lack of a public congratulations on her part for Roza, raised suspicions that the friendship between them has cracked.

Last evening, Rikja was asked on "Top Arena" if something happened between her and Roza.

She rejected the rumors saying that she is very fond of Roza and she congratulated her privately, despite the fact that she was not present at her birthday.

The reason for Rike's absence was her several commitments.