Rike Roçi embarrasses MC Kresha: Why did you block me on Instagram

2024-06-15 15:51:31Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Mc Kresha and Rike Roçi

Mc Kresha was last night invited to "Top Arena", since Euro 2024 has also started. However, he did not escape a sudden question from Rikja, who asked him why he had blocked him on Instagram.

She was live from where fans were watching the Germany-Scotland match, and asked the rapper why he blocked her on Instagram.

The rapper replied that he did not know that he had a block.

Conversation between them:

Rike Roçi: I really adore Kresha's music, I like it, but as far as I know, he blocked me on Instagram and I've been wondering why for years.

MC Kresha: By God, I don't know.

Ed Manushi: Don't confuse it with Capital T?

Rike Roçi: No, it's not MC Kresha and I still don't know why.

MC Kresha: I don't know about God.

Rike Roçi: Kindergarten check the phone.

MC Kresha: Trust me, I don't have my phone here.

Ed Manushi: Why didn't you tease the girl?

Rike Roçi: Yes. Kresha, when you leave the show, check your phone and unblock me.

MC Kresha: Ok, I promise.