Is he related to Heidi? Jul Deda tells the truth

2024-06-15 16:09:17Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Erjola and Juli

Moderator Erjola Doçi interviewed Jul Deda yesterday evening on the show, Top Arena. Among many questions about her personal life, Erjola did not spare questions about Big Brother and the former residents either.

"Those who don't deserve the victory make it dirty, how about the case of Egla Ceno", was the moderator's question.

"In the case of Egla, he made her dirty", said Juli.

Juli was also asked about the rumors that he has a family relationship with Heidi, and he denied these rumours.

"A pink bird told me that you and Heidi Baci are cousins, aren't you?"

"We have female mothers. No family connection, I deny it completely", said Juli.