Tom Doshi's son collides with the couple in Lezhë/ The police released him, the head of the Lezhë Road Traffic is suspended!

2024-04-23 11:27:39Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Former MP Tom Doshi's son, James Doshi

The Head of Road Traffic in Lezhë, Ismet Sula , has been suspended from office by court decision, while the management structure of the Local Police Directorate of Lezhë has been put under investigation by the prosecution.

The decision was taken by the Court of Lezhë at the request of the prosecutor Sabri Kastrati , which started the investigation regarding an accident that happened a few weeks ago on the Lezhë-Laç highway, near the village of Gajush, where according to sources, the son of the former was involved in the accident. - MP Tom Doshi, James Doshi .

While he was driving, he hit a vehicle in which a married couple was driving.

From the investigations, it turned out that Doshi's son was guilty, but was favored by the police, who did not perform the actions in accordance with the law, allowing him to take the vehicle and leave.

In relation to this issue, the prosecution body has been set in motion, registering criminal proceedings for " abuse of duty ".

In addition to the head of the Road Traffic, Ismet Sula , who was suspended from office, the prosecution is also investigating the leaders of the Lezhë police to see who gave the order not to carry out actions in accordance with the law.

Tom Doshi's son collides with the couple in Lezhë/ The police released

As part of this investigation, the prosecutor's office is expected to open the phone records between the managers and police officers to clarify their role and actions in this case, and then it will be decided whether the case will pass to the competence of the SPAK, or remains in Lezha.