He was killed in Kosovo, the wife of the terrorist fan of "Crvena Zvezda" reacts: I expected you to be victorious, but you are a superhero

2023-09-26 17:45:58Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The fan of the Serbian team was part of the terrorists who attacked Kosovo in the North

A terrorist fan of the Serbian team "Crvena Zvezda" was killed during the terrorist action in the north of Kosovo.

Bosnian newspapers have reported that Stefan Nedeljkovic was killed during this action, with Kosovo Police forces suspected of having executed the terrorist in question.

Recently, the media in Kosovo have revealed the reaction of the wife of Stefan Nedeljkovi?, the terrorist fan who said goodbye to him with a post on Instagram.

"I'm still waiting for someone to wake me up from this nightmare. I won't be pathetic, I know you don't like them. I hoped until the last moment that he would come out of that enchanted forest as a winner. Because you are our superhero forever with a smile that brightens everyone's day. You were the bravest man I knew.

You will always be the best dad in the world and you will live through them every second, every minute and hour. May the angels watch over you, and may you watch over our 3 miracles and me from above, and give us just a fraction of the strength you possessed... We love you and you will live as long as our hearts beat," the post reads.