Stano: The position of the EU is clear, on Sunday there was a terrorist attack in Kosovo

2023-09-28 15:48:33Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Peter Stano

The spokesperson of the European Union, Peter Stano, stated today that the position of the EU is that what happened in Banjska, Kosovo, is a terrorist act and indicated that all those responsible for that attack should be brought to justice and held accountable for to.

"We must be sure that it is fully investigated and not only those who carried out the attack, but also those who participated in any other way must be held accountable. We must make sure that justice is done for those who planned it, carried it out and those behind it all. This is the position of the EU that has been repeated several times," Stano told a press conference.

Stano emphasized that the EU will not comment every day on the statements and remarks of everyone from the region.

"The EU was clear in all the statements and in the statement of the high representative, the joint statement of the members of the Union, the individual members, what are the expectations of the Union - both sides were told what needs to be done immediately, because it what happened on Sunday is very serious, but the way the EU works is not to comment on every single remark and move in the development of events after what happened on Sunday," he said.

Stano reiterated that the European Union does not engage through the public and the media.

"If we have something to say to our partners, we tell them directly. We expect this from others, including the interpretation of the agreement or the way the investigation is conducted. We will not engage in the investigation through the public and the media which is irresponsible and cannot help the investigation. It is necessary to find out what happened, to punish those who are responsible", he emphasizes.

The EU is heavily involved in the investigation, Stano further said, and added that they "cooperate with partners in the region as well as international partners".