Neo-Nazi, alcoholic, violent. Who is the killer who terrorized Rotterdam (PHOTO)

2023-09-29 19:52:35Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The residents of his neighborhood confess the madness of the 32-year-old, who was denounced by his neighbor for killing a rabbit in public

Neo-Nazi, alcoholic, violent, psychotic and dangerous. The 32-year-old who killed three people yesterday at the Medical University of Rotterdam, "Erasmus", identified as Fouad L., was known to the justice system and the residents of the "Delfshaven" neighborhood where he lived. "It should have stopped much earlier," his neighbor told Radio Rijnmond.

The day after the massacre, like an enigma, signals were collected that should have led the police, but also the Erasmus Medical University to keep the suspect under surveillance.

According to the Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf", the Rotterdam Prosecutor's Office had warned the Erasmus medical school of the danger posed by Fouad, described as a "psychotic", violent and potentially "dangerous" subject.

In an email to the university, the prosecution had communicated the previous episodes, which show "disturbing behavior", such as when he was found half-naked and covered with leaves or when he shot fish with a bow.

Or like when online images of people who had died from stabbings were found on his phone.

Fouad was convicted in 2021 for publicly abusing his rabbit while drunk. For this episode, he would have been given 40 days of mandatory community service.

Residents of the "Delfshaven" neighborhood confirm that the killer tortured animals and for these reasons was denounced by his neighbor, the first victim of the madman.

"Everybody knew he was a weird guy. He killed a rabbit by hitting it with a brick and was often drunk," his neighbor explained.

After the inspection, the police described his house as "dirty", "unhealthy" and "filled with animal excrement". On that occasion, the officers also found and confiscated two bows.

At the university, the student had already verbally attacked the teachers who had suspended him from classes.

And he erupted with posts on the 4Chan platform, typically linked to the far right and often used in a spirit of hate, in which he spoke of an "arrogant" professor who suspended him "for not apologizing for being late to an exam." his useless".

According to Fouad, the university staff had targeted him and therefore he took out his anger on the rabbit: "Desperate about my unfair suspension, I took it out on the rabbit in a drunken Freudian stupor."

"I only did what I did because of the lethal levels of alcohol in my blood and the deep trauma of being suspended for normal stupidity that pushed me to the extreme," he wrote in another post.

The death toll from separate shootings in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, by the same person, is three dead.

The first case happened in a residential building and resulted in the death of a 39-year-old woman and her 14-year-old daughter. Both were neighbors of the killer, who was in military uniform and armed with a gun.

The second shooting happened at the university medical center frequented by the 32-year-old, where a 46-year-old teacher died.