The Albanian cocaine family is discovered in Greece, 585 kg are seized, and the American DEA is in operation

2023-09-29 18:45:42Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Cocaine seized

The Greek police in cooperation with the American DEA have hit a criminal network that trafficked large quantities of cocaine, consisting of an Albanian family.

During the operation, one of the largest in the country, 585 kg of cocaine were seized and a 52-year-old Albanian was arrested, as the head of the organization, his wife, two nephews and some Greek citizens, whose identity is still unknown. knowledge for investigative reasons.

The police had information about the large amount of cocaine, and they pursued two vehicles in the area of ??Agia Triada and Neo Epivaton.

When the traffickers saw the police cars, they tried to leave and crashed into one of the officers' vehicles, but then got stuck in the perimeter of a building.

Inside two vehicles and in a residence, 500 packages with 585 kg 208 grams of cocaine, 7440 euros, 7 mobile phones, a metal detector and other objects were seized.

The narcotic is suspected to have come from Latin America, to then be distributed in the local market, but also in various European countries.