"KFOR took control of the north of Kosovo", Osmani denies Rama

2023-09-29 20:26:11Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Edi Rama and Vjosa Osmani

The Presidency of Kosovo has rejected the statements of Prime Minister Edi Rama that she is the president Vjosa Osmani has made a request earlier for KFOR to take control of the north.

Councilor Bekim Kupina said that President Osmani has clarified in every meeting with partners that KFOR's mandate is only as a third responder and in support of the Kosovo Police.

"The institutions of Kosovo have asked for support from NATO, so that patrols in the border area include NATO soldiers, along with Kosovo policemen, in order to prevent the entry of terrorist groups and attacks from Serbia. The Kosovo Police has a full mandate in the entire territory of Kosovo, while with NATO, there is close cooperation and coordination, as evidenced by the reaction of the police operation during the terrorist attack in Banjska on September 24, 2023", said Kupina.