CRIMINAL PROFILE/ Who is Laert Haxhiu, he committed the first murder at the age of 18 and how the war against Aldo Bares started

2023-09-28 21:07:17Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Laert Haxhiu in the court of Ioannina

Laert Haxhiu, the head of the criminal group, together with the repentant police officer, Artan Tafani, were found to be accomplices in 4 murders in Albania. The 31-year-old also ordered two murders in Greece. All these crimes happened from 2018 to 2021. They killed Çajup Selim, Fridman Xhaferaj, Alban Semaku and Albi Bashali.

The first, businessman Çajup Selimi, was executed in Tepelena at the entrance of his house in the "15 Shtatori" neighborhood on June 1, 2021. He left the house after being called by a person and was shot on the stairs of the second floor of the building where he lived. 6 people cooperated for his elimination.

The next day, members of the group commit another murder. Fridman Xhaferaj is executed in the city of Korça, but his body was discovered 12 days later, in the reservoir of Gjançi. At that time, the police's suspicions were that the 25-year-old had been executed for clearing accounts, due to previous conflicts. 7 people cooperated in the murder of the 25-year-old.

The third murder revealed by the testimony of the repentant Artan Tafani is that of Alban Semaku, on October 17, 2021. He was also known as Elton Kinezi. He was found murdered on the banks of the Shkumbin River, five months after he was released from prison. Laert Haxhiu, Artan Tafani and Lulzim Spahija participated in this crime.

The next criminal event is the murder of Albi Bashali on December 27, 2021. We were shot with a barrage of bullets as soon as he got out of the car to go to the cafe. The crime happened in the village of Gjoçaj in Peqin. The police say that the reason was revenge after his brother, Leonard Bashaliu, killed Ylber Xhahysa.

But Laert Haxhiu was not only an executioner, he also ordered two murders in Athens at different times, that of Lulzim Qorri in December 2018 and Dickens Halil in October 2021. They were part of drug trafficking gangs.

Who is Laert Haxhiu and the enmity with Aldo Baren

Laert Haxhiu was a child when Aldo Bare's gang burned his house, killed his relatives, and he grew up with a sense of revenge, and so did Orges Bilbili.

Laert Haxhiu does not have any education, but has a large criminal profile.

He was only 18 when he stabbed her. Together with his friends, they shot Gerti Lala three times in the head with a pistol, at the entrance of his palace. It is suspected that Orges Bilbili also participated in the crime.

It was Gerti Lala's mother who identified them as her son's killers. Laert Haxhiu was found guilty of murder and was released from prison in 2014.

He had only been out of prison for 8 months when he was arrested in 2015 for drug trafficking. Haxhiu tried to escape from the police, but after jumping from a height of 3-4 meters, he broke his leg. At the time of his handcuffing, he told the police that he ran away because he thought it was Aldo Bare's men who were following him.

Haxhiu had a bus line with Greece and it is suspected that he also trafficked international narcotics. He was sentenced to only 17 months and 10 days in prison, although the police found 1.2 kilograms of cocaine.

The turning point in Laert Haxhiu's life

After leaving the prison, he immediately started the assassinations. Now he is targeting Julio Skurti, who has escaped him twice.

The event that made Laert Haxhiu known to the whole public is the Lushnje massacre. Laerti, then only 25 years old, executed together with his friend, Orges, Zamir Latif and Jurgen Hoxha. The target was the nephew of Aldo Bare, Xulio Skurti. On September 11, 2017, they entered a bar in Lushnje with a machine gun on their side, leaving the two young men dead, while the target escaped.

If Laert Haxhiu was hired by two policemen from different countries to handcuff him, Orges Bilbili was arrested by chance in April 2020, when the whole country was under curfew due to the coronavirus pandemic. Bilbili was in the area of ??Xhamllik where he was walking when he was spotted by the "Eagles" police. Bilbili told the policeman that he was going to shoot him and pointed the gun at him. At this moment, the policeman ran after him and warned him until he then shot him in the leg enabling his capture.

The history of the Lushnje gang

The starting point of the bloody clashes between the gangs in Lushnje was the murder of Ramadan Shkurt, the brother of Alfred Shkurt (Aldo Bares), until then an effective member of the RENEA Forces. After the murder of his brother, Bare, in order to take revenge on the citizen Artur Daja, his companions, friends and relatives, created the so-called "Lushnje Gang". Initially, Ilir Stergu, Afrim Hoxha, Arben Borici, Enver Boriçi, Enver Dondollaku, companions, friends and relatives of the defendant Aldo Bare and his brother Ramadan Shkurt, who were already killed, gathered in this group. Aldo Bare takes revenge on Artur Daja, who after executing him cuts off his head and kicks him in the streets of the city of Lushnje./ VoxNews