"Water rates will only increase"/ Head of ERRU: Through the water supply, people are employed for electoral purposes

2024-04-03 11:13:54Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Tariffs for water service in the country will be equal to the municipality that has the highest.

This is what the head of the Water Regulatory Entity, Ndriçim Shani, declared during the report to the Commission of Production Activities.

Shani said that this is the only unification that can be done for the tariffs, as there can be no reduction.

Speaking about the inflated costs of water pipes, Shani also mentioned the fictitious employment in these companies, which according to him were done for electoral purposes.

"Due to electoral effects, there has been an increase in employment, there are employed people who do not appear at all." These hires account for 55% of UKT costs. In the case of Fier, there were 600 employees and 100 were removed in one year. It is planned to remove another 80", said the head of ERRU.

Among other things, in the report, Shani said that the water supply and sewerage companies are improving their finances and reducing several years of liabilities.

"Water utilities received 310 million ALL subsidies from the state budget last year, marking a decrease of 50 million ALL compared to the previous year. Most of them went to the regional companies Durrës, Lezhë, Shkodër and mainly for energy obligations", said Shani.

According to Shani, the value of investments during 2023 in the water supply and sewerage sector reached 84 million euros, while he added that the need for financing in the sector is great, especially at a time when companies are trying to reform.