Bank account with 0 commission, application starts for pensioners and social categories in need

2024-04-03 10:15:32Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

"Any pensioner who wants to transfer their pension to the bank or any individual from the needy categories, has the right to open a basic bank account, which will have zero maintenance costs."

The law on basic accounts, which aims to increase the penetration of banking and financial services in the population and which provides benefits for the categories in need, has started to be implemented.

According to the law, banks will offer all services at zero fee, regardless of the number of actions performed in the payment account with basic services for these categories, but opening a bank account is not an obligation.

But how many pensioners benefit from this bill? According to data provided by SCAN TV, there are currently 73,950 pensioners who receive their pension through banks and 666,300 who receive it in the mail.

In other words, currently 10 percent of pensioners receive their pension through commercial banks, a category that will benefit from services with zero commission, starting from the account maintenance commission, which is an average of 150 ALL per month or 1800 thousand ALL per year .

The new law on basic accounts, which defines the categories that benefit from reduced or zero-fee services, also provides for the option of transferring the account from a normal account to a basic bank account.

Meanwhile, services such as opening and closing bank accounts, ATM withdrawals, direct debits will also be free of charge; payment transactions through a card, including online payments; credit transfers, including periodic payments, where applicable, at bank terminals and counters and through online platforms.

According to the law, expanding the possibility of access to transaction accounts is a necessary condition to achieve the main objective, aiming to reach an account ownership ratio at the level of 70%.