Rama warns of another increase in the minimum wage

2023-01-30 17:40:02Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Rama warns of another increase in the minimum wage

Prime Minister Edi Rama has warned of another increase in the minimum wage, the decision of each will be discussed soon in the government.

"I have not stopped communicating with my team, especially with finance for the new support policies. Starting from new minimum wages to wages for special categories of human resources, housing support for doctors, soldiers, policemen who have a new family. Of course, the next paycheck for pensioners is essential in the spring from the extraordinary tax redistribution on large energy exporters.

We are glad that the big package has significantly facilitated its 1 million beneficiaries and it is also observed in satisfactory growth of consumption. There is no doubt that it is still necessary, especially with those who work with minimum wage in the private sector, especially those in production who should be paid more and as soon as possible. Soon we will discuss and decide on the government and definitely make known these policies that further deepen the profile of this majority government ", said Rama.

According to INSTAT, until the third quarter of 2022, 16% of employees in the country are paid up to the minimum wage, and another 27% have a salary of up to 40 thousand ALL.

Currently, the minimum wage in the country is at the level of 34 thousand ALL.

Earlier, when the 2023 budget was being discussed in the Assembly, Rama stated that the minimum wage will reach 36,000 ALL in the first 6 months of this year, while it will reach 38,000 ALL by the end of the year.

"We will once again increase the level of the minimum wage, which we have increased twice this year. We will take it to 36 thousand new lek, with the aim of increasing it once again in the second half of next year, we will take it to 38 thousand new lek", declared the prime minister at the time.

The minimum wage was last increased in September last year.