OSHEE presents the new relief scheme for repayment of obligations

2024-04-03 12:49:22Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

OSHEE Group introduces new relief schemes for the burden of unpaid electricity bills for our household and non-household, budget or non-budget customers.

These schemes, so-called "act agreements", provide financial relief and emphasize our commitment to social responsibility, the well-being of family customers and the business community.

During 2024 we will apply installment agreements for energy bills outstanding by 31 December 2022, ensuring our customers get the support they need for arrears during difficult times (during and after the pandemic). These customers must have meanwhile closed the obligations created during 2023 and beyond, which must have been liquidated before the conclusion of the debt settlement agreement between the customer and the OSHEE company for the earlier periods.

In the schemes of agreements, which will be implemented during this year, unpaid obligations from invoices will also be included; economic damage, system invoices, meter test invoices, correction invoices, belonging to the year 2023 and following.

The decision was taken by the Supervisory Council of OSHEE Group on February 15, 2024, after reviewing the proposal by the administrator of OSHEE Group, Mr. Enea Karakaçi.

With these relief schemes, OSHEE Group, the Electricity Distribution Operator, remains faithful to its mission, as a joint-stock company with state capital, whose main goal is to meet the needs of Albanians, their financial stability, but also financial stability of the company, to operate with long-term efficiency.

Each category of beneficiaries has different reliefs, which are escalated depending on the category of the customer and the carrying amount of debit that each of them has. The relief measures are also different, ranging from: fixed monthly installments for repayment of arrears for household customers, forgiveness or relief of interest depending on the repayment period and variable installments scheme, depending on the amount of the obligation for the category of budgetary and non-budgetary customers.

In these schemes, OSHEE Group has taken care especially for the most sensitive categories of society, for family customers with economic assistance, for pensioners-head of the family, or customers with a special status, who benefit from even more lenient installments that are added over a longer period of time, compared to other categories.

Among the business customers, OSHEE Group has especially taken care of the small business that also has additional facilities in the arrears repayment scheme.

More specifically, the benefits for each customer category are as follows:

o Family customers who are treated with economic assistance, pensioners-head of the family, or customers with a special status, can pay the arrears in fixed monthly installments of 1,200 ALL.

o Other family customers can pay arrears in fixed monthly installments of ALL 2,800.

o Non-family, budget and non-budget customers can pay arrears in installments determined based on the value of the debit as follows:

Value of liability Maximum number of installments
100,000-300,000 ALL 24 installments
300,001-500,000 ALL 48 installments
500,001-800,000 ALL 60 installments
800,001-1,000,000 ALL 84 installments
over 1,000,000 ALL 120 installments

OSHEE Group also approved the arrears reduction scheme against the full liquidation of the arrears until December 31, 2022. Customers, who express their willingness to liquidate all arrears at once with 1 (one) installment, benefit from a reduction of the arrears in different measures, according to the categories below:

o Family customers of all types benefit from a 70% interest reduction, in case the entire obligation is paid off at once.

o Non-family, budgetary and non-budgetary customers benefit from a 50% interest reduction, in case of repayment of the entire obligation at once.

o Non-family clients - small business category benefit from a 100% interest reduction, in case of repayment of the entire obligation at once.

We invite all customers, who want to benefit from these facilitation schemes, to appear at the OSHEE Group and FSHU Customer Care centers to sign the agreement according to the relevant category.