Investments for floods are left in rainy weather, for 8 months "Agriculture" has not completed even half of the projects

2022-11-26 11:07:42Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

While the country has faced floods since the first rains before the season's intensities, it seems that the investments made in terms of their prevention during this year have had a poor performance. Referring to the 8-month budget monitoring report of the Ministry of Agriculture, it is noted that some investment items have zero realization.

Specifically, although during this year the rehabilitation of 5 irrigation facilities was planned, which includes nearly 4,000 hectares of main canals, at the end of the 8th month, it turns out that this project has not even started.

As for investments in dams, for 2022 no funding has been provided for facilities owned by municipalities. Meanwhile, during the year 2022, the partial rehabilitation of the two buildings of hydrovores, Drojë and Balldre, the start of the works for the complete rehabilitation of the hydrovor of Akernia, as well as the complete completion of the Karavasta hydrovor, have been foreseen.

The performance indicator at this point shows that the work has progressed at the level of 54.1 percent for the Karavasta waterworks and no investment has been made in the other works. As for investments in river and sea structures for flood protection, it is noted that the budget provided for the rehabilitation of 20 flood protection works, 6 of which are ongoing projects, and the level of realization at the end of the 8th month is 46.2 percent, where 10 projects have not started yet there is work.

From the total budget of the Ministry of Agriculture for irrigation and drainage for this year, which has a value of 8.5 million euros, the realization in 8 months results in the amount of 38 percent, or 3.2 million euros.

But can investments be concentrated in the last 4 months and especially in the agricultural sector, where preventive measures should be taken? The experts say that any investment planned for the purpose of minimizing damage from natural disasters should be done in dry periods./scan