The board sets the new fuel prices in the country

2023-01-31 11:58:40Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The price of diesel in the country is reduced by 6 Lek per liter, while that of gasoline by 1 Lek/liter.

The decisions made today by the Transparency Board are expected to enter into force this afternoon.

Thus, 1 liter of diesel from today will cost 200 l/liter, while gasoline will drop to 190 l/liter.

Decisions of the Transparency Board on January 31, 2023.

Referring to the data related to the Platts stock exchange dated 30.01.2023, we have changes in the price from that determined in the last meeting, specifically it turns out that the price (FOB/MED $ Ton) of Gasoline is 866, -13 as of 25.01.2023, $ / Ton, while the price of Gasoil/Diesel is 891, -56 as of 25.01.2023, $/Ton. The BSH exchange rate has suffered a slight decrease to 107.27 (-0.24 from 25.01.2023).

As a result, the prices set are:

The retail price of the gasoil by-product of the SSH EN 590 standard should be no more than 200 ALL/liter, while the wholesale price no more than 188 ALL/liter.

The retail price of the SSH EN standard gasoline by-product should be no more than ALL 190/liter, while the wholesale price no more than ALL 178/liter.

The retail price of the gas by-product should be 69 ALL/liter retail and 57 ALL/liter wholesale for vehicles.

The price of diesel for fishing is set at 106 ALL/liter.

The prices set by the Board will come into force on January 31, at 18.00, and will be valid until the next meeting of the board where the changes in the sales prices will be reflected.

The transparency board since its creation has strictly followed in its decisions the movement of the Platts Mediterranean exchange for diesel, gasoline, as well as the official invoices of the operators.

The Ministry of Finance and Economy feels obliged to clarify the public opinion that not every movement of the crude oil exchange is reflected at the same time and to the same extent in the diesel and gasoline exchange.