It's not stupid, it's Satan!

2024-04-20 21:52:25Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA DRITAN HILA
Ilir Meta in the national council of PL

In a meeting of the PL national council where more people were in the stands than on the platform, Ilir Meta announced the new political line.

Nothing is left of what used to be called LSI and had professors and political personalities in its ranks, just as nothing is left of the former Ilir Meta. Former professors have been replaced with grotesque and even funny figures that Meta will use as human pawns in attacks on institutions, so he requested the cloning of Ted Blushi in 25 copies. Only the passages from his rants, when he tells how he fired or charged people when he was prime minister, remember the former flaw, as today's is a caricature of a comedian with the intelligence of Fred Beller. Or maybe this has always been the case, but Albania has changed.

Nothing is left of the former LSI which had an ideological tis and a leftist approach. PL today is simply a group that has Ilir Meta as its ideology. Few have had doubts that that party was a political project, apart from an organization where the competition would be between Meta and Kryemadhi. The others would be in their function, figurants who were delegated to state positions when this party was in power in function of the economic project of keeping the party and the leading couple in the game.

It's been a week that the media has been dealing with the issue of whether Kryemadhi's separation with Meta is real or just political. In fact, it all has zero public interest. What interests people is who will answer for the situation, where the millions of euros for Albanian politicians are nothing in a country where the pensioner has to choose between medicine and paying the electricity bill; will someone answer for the villa with 11 dumps in Lalëz, for the villas in Kodra e Diellit; 100,000 euro SUVs; maintaining an organization called a party that requires a minimum of 200,000 euros per month, or the education in England of the children of two people who have not been told "good job" in 33 years.

As for the sentimental stories with "Dinasty", they see them better in telenovelas than in banal talk shows on Albanian television. As if no one cares when their former president climbs on top of the bars and recites with the gestures of a 5-year-old child, because people don't care at all about the fool who amuses them, but the fate of the devil who mocked and whipped them with a block in his hand for 33 years.