These "paper tigers" that have governed us

2024-04-17 21:30:09Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MERO BAZE
When Meta and Berisha took selfies

I have no information if SPAK has taken any file to the Court for security measure for Ilir Meta, as is speculated and justified the reason why he was defamed in front of the public today. I am not even curious if there will be any criminal proceedings against him. Even less if there will be a security measure with prison.

The imprisonment of politicians does not cause me any feeling of joy, in the sense of physical suffering.

For a politician it is very important to see how he faces battles and challenges such as those with justice. All over the world, this is a standard by which politicians leave their mark on a country's history.

Therefore, even for the most important leaders of our country, such as Ilir Meta, President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Assembly and MP since 1992, or as Sali Berisha has been President and Prime Minister, the only important thing is how they face those with the end of their story.

The fact that SPAK has started investigations into Ilir Meta was enough to discredit him in that way and to present to the Albanians, a banal man, with serious mental problems, an ordinarial profanity, and above all a cowardly politician surrendered before the battle with justice.

A serious politician is not afraid of justice, but faces it, even if it is unjust, which is not his case. During the communist dictatorship, dozens of anti-communist politicians or dissidents have faced trials of the dictatorship that have pronounced the death penalty and held their heads high. Not that they had stolen, but that they thought differently. Even Vojo Kushi, who he likes to compare himself to, we are not clear how he ended up, but he died on the tank, without being funny.

We leave everything aside, let's not discuss his guilt or innocence, let's not discuss the seriousness or professionalism of Mr. Dumani, but let's see who has governed us, and how it ends in his last confrontation with justice. 

For all those who say or want to say that Ilir Meta is being punished politically, he is done with political punishment. If you really think that SPAK is politically investigating Ilir Meta, there is no need to continue, let me stop the investigation because he has received political punishment with this humiliation that happened to him.

Justice has killed him without firing a bullet.

Politically, Ilir Meta has finished his work only with the fear of facing justice and his public humiliation, which shames anyone who supported him or believed for a moment that Albania was in safe hands when he was leading it.

If anyone really believes that SPAK has political goals against Ilir Meta, it has now achieved them with the help of Ilir Meta. This, as well as Sali Berisha, proved that they committed suicide before going to that battle that they claim is political. One from the top of the window and the other from the bars every day, prove a painful degradation of two of the most important leaders of the Albanian transition, who we believed would protect Albania, but they committed suicide before facing the last battle of their political life, that with justice.

There are hundreds of politicians in the world whose battle with justice has given them charm, made them popular even when they have been punished, as they have preserved their dignity and manhood to face it. These are the opposite case, when only the idea that they will face justice has made them paranoid, crazy, banal, ridiculous, and above all has made them guilty in the eyes of all Albanians, not only for what they have done, but for all but what we believed they were. 

Two paper tigers that got wet and torn doing the crunch in the pants of justice. She still hasn't spoken.