The barbarity of unjust accusations and civic hatred!

2023-01-29 14:04:39Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA AGRON GJEKMARKAJ

There is no other country in Europe that has devalued the political word as much as our country. The charge density has a frequency undetectable by any type of seismometer.

Their toughness is unmatched. The actresses are always the same. Every innovation becomes old. Every young man conforms. Each of the battles seems wrong. Everyone feels judged and the verdict never arrives. It hovers in the air like a heart that is rarely put to good use.

The truth always weighs. The tongue like a flood of black water makes everyone dirty. At the same time, it serves as a relativization strategy so that nothing is taken seriously.

Everything that happens takes the citizen away from politics. Bemat takes away his respect and trust in him. They make them see the state as an enemy, as a shelter for leeches, the politician as a poof!

The other is judged on the basis of personal interest. From his frenzy, he calls for help, for battle, for causes. If you accept the call, you are a friend, you are a friend, you are valuable, if not you are used, blackmailed, caught by someone and for something. When you don't line up as a soldier, you are blacker than the devil, carrion for the hunger of a manipulated crowd.

Everyone acts as a player, thinking the other is a little bit wiser or a piece of wool that you can throw at him in an instant. Insinuation reigns like a bird in the sky.

We talk about principles, ethics and morality when everything is a self-serving tautology. That's what they said about you, you feel it every day as a half-truth or a wish to use on someone else. Shame, anger, venting are the fuel for the engines of hatred. What about the people, where are the citizens here? Nowhere! They are needed to shoot the cannons that are constantly shooting at the wall that is an obstacle to ambition. How do they respond? Many run away without return.

They often become indifferent. Some add contempt. A part is radicalized, lined up to keep what they have by any means, others to take back what they had.

Their curse falls on the one who walks the road indifferently while respecting themselves. Every now and then the country is threatened with shivers to protect its best values ??or to defeat the evil come on. You can hear the echo of "in those mountains, belts, belts, sometimes I ride it, sometimes I ride it"!