Burnt cards that (don't) represent us

2023-01-26 20:44:59Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA ASTRIT PATOZI
Former FBI official Charles McGonigal

Prime Minister Rama is mentioned 14 times in the indictment of a high official of the FBI, who appeared these days in front of justice for criminal offenses to the detriment of his country.

Reasonable suspicions are that he has used his friendship or financial relationship with the American detective to set up an investigation in the USA for the financing of DP lobbying, here 5 years ago.

This is a logical line that is supported, not only by the density of meetings and the events that followed them, but also by a kind of tradition of political war in Albania, where it has always been attempted to hit the opponent through unilateral ties with international partners. The fact that Edi Rama did not appear in parliament today to give explanations makes his position even more difficult, but at the same time makes the suspicions even more credible

But be careful. If we take the prime minister's implication for granted, this does not absolve Lulzim Basha at all, nor does it give justice to Sali Berisha.

Today, as we speak, all three of these leaders are simultaneously tainted, even in the most compromising scenario for the prime minister.

Because it has not yet been proven, neither by the investigation nor by the suspect, that the financing of lobbying on behalf of DP was legal and not with Russian money. The only way for Lulzim Basha to come out clean from that story is to prove that it was all made up, just like "babalja", for which Albanian justice, with all its defects, has expressed itself.

I very much wish that the American justice will express itself quickly, not only for the alleged damage of the former official to the United States, but also for his possible implication in a thriller about the internal struggle for power in Albania. This would burden Edi Rama's position even more, not to mention that it would make it impossible for him to stay even for a single day longer in the high position he has held for 10 years.

But apparently Mr. Basha does not have this opportunity, so it is difficult for him to rejoice more than he should from the pit, where Edi Rama is today.

On the other hand, Sali Berisha must choose who he will kill with this American espionage affair, Edi Rama or Lulzim Basha. That both at the same time is impossible, despite the burning desire. Because he also wants Edi Rama to have given money to attack Lulzim Basha in America, but also for the latter to be trusted and financed by Russian money, embarrassing the Democratic Party.

Like all scandals in this country, which fall into the hands of manipulators and are cruelly misused to lose their real value. While the greatest effects could be created by being strictly based on clear facts and evidence. Without the need to add and invent anything else, which would relativize the truth.

I understand the strong passion to invent and embellish dollar bag scenes and trace the lives of the characters of the day, but this story goes beyond the former FBI official's file.

Because what most are doing as if they don't notice is the fact that all the top political leaders of our Republic have their cards burned in the United States.

Edi Rama, as a non-episodic character in the drama of the spy caught red-handed, Lulzim Basha with the unexplained lobbying file in America, Sali Berisha, long since non grata, and Ilir Meta under investigation for a case similar to Lulzim Basha.

This is in fact the reflection of the political deadlock and the desperate state of democracy in Albania, which should make us reflect strongly on our society held hostage for many years by the mayorocracy and a handful of autocrats, who have filled the cup for a long time, but who they never agree to leave.