The politics of the fight and the money for lobbying

2023-01-27 20:46:24Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA BEN ANDONI

In the coming days, it is hoped to go to a conclusion of the saga of Charles McGonigal, the former senior official of the FBI, a high-ranking figure of this historic institution for the USA, who is being accused of being a bribe-taker and connected to the interests of a Russian oligarch. But February, when he will face the indictment in two districts, will bring out many unsaid.

Maybe a lot more material about the politics of Tirana and the preparation of revolutions!!! Once again, the Albanian storm, already from the opposition, has faced Prime Minister Rama, who is not in any of the investigations, while on the other hand, the majority has encouraged to fade everything, which the various institutions are not even touching: the transparency of the characters and institutions .

In short, the official received money from Albanian officials, but no one can investigate where this money came from!!!

Once again, all that has happened has brought before us an extremely sensitive issue related to the money that goes out of our country for various interests.

But it has brought alive the work of the parties and their lobbying, where a calculation made years ago by the Institute of Political Studies showed that politics is not spent only in election processes but also in other times. And a material from a while ago, which was received from the USA, confessed that DP, SP and LSI had spent about 1.5 million dollars just to lobby in the United States of America, where the greatest weight at that time fell on the Party Democratic.

"Our political parties spend a lot on lobbying, but what they get in return is ridiculous, unimaginable and untouchable for the citizens", said Afrim Krasniqi, political analyst and executive director of the Institute for Political Studies in Albania.

And, really, what resulted was related to a few formal meetings, some photographs and above all the sale to the Albanian public of their importance. We have seen that meetings with American authorities are sold in the most ugly form of their importance.

For the public, it is worth bringing out these data once again, where the Socialist Party had initially concluded an agreement with "Ballard Partners" for a period of one year. The agreement was in effect from April 1, 2017 until it expired on March 31, 2018. The cost of this agreement was $20,000 per month, or $240,000 per year. Whereas the Democratic Party initially reached an agreement with "Barnes & Thornburg, LLP", for 6 months and the cost of lobbying was 50 thousand dollars per month, i.e. 300 thousand dollars in total.

Më vonë u firmos një marrëveshje me “Baron Public Affairs, LLC”, me një afat tre mujor dhe me kosto15 mijë USD në muaj, pra plot 45 mijë dollarë. Kontrata e fundit është me “Muzin Capitol Partners, LLC”, ku ka pasur një kosto prej 675 mijë dollarësh. Kjo është kontrata për të cilën PD është nën hetim në Shqipëri dhe në SHBA. Dhe, pak më vonë referohej për PD-në se arriti një marrëveshje me kompaninë “Sonoran Policy Group LCC” me kosto 40 mijë dollarë.

Nëse do ishim tek LSI, kjo parti kishte firmosur fillimisht një kontratë me “Global Security and Innovative Strategies, LLC”, me një kosto prej 267,804 dollarë për 6 muaj. Në Janar 2017, LSI-ja pagoi dhe kompaninë e lobimit “McKeon Group” me 15 mijë USD. Me pak fjalë, shpenzimet e të gjitha partive, rezultonin se në dy vitet e fundit shuma për lobime ishte plot 1.582.000 USD. Kuptohet se në KQZ këto parti kanë deklaruar shumë herë më pak, referuar medias.

Sesa rëndësi kanë për vendin këto takime e mat lehtë, pasi shumica e publikut as nuk e ka idenë se cilët janë këto personazhe. Por edhe pse në aspektin menaxherial janë të gabuara….” në përputhje me ligjin shqiptar, shumica e burimeve financiare të siguruara për këto aktivitete lobimi janë legjitime”, i referohemi Krasniqit, që me këtë rast na e shpjegon ndryshe paradoksin shqiptar.

So why does it continue then? This is understandable nonsense and you understand this from the constant tension and the way the parties keep each other in power, creating such tollovi.