The brother of Piro Milkani, the lecturer of the Maritime Academy of Vlora, Mihallaq Milkani, dies tragically in the USA

2024-04-03 21:13:06Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Mihallaq Milkani, in the center: Pirro Milkani

Mihallaq Milkani, distinguished lecturer of the Albanian Navy, brother of director Piro Milkani, has passed away at the age of 88 in the USA.

Mihallaq Milkani died tragically after being hit by a truck in Worcester, Massachusetts, while he was standing with a friend of his in a parking lot in the area.

Milkani was a regular visitor to a cafe on "Richmond" boulevard, where he gathered together with his Albanian friends and not alone. But it turned out that on this day, the cafe was closed and they decided to go somewhere else. On the way, a truck hit him while he was doing a reverse maneuver in a parking lot.

Mihallaq Milkani was described as an exemplary man, loved by everyone and a tireless grandfather who took care of his grandchildren every day.

The brother of Piro Milkani, the lecturer of the Maritime Academy of Vlora,
Naval officer Mihallaq Milkani

Born and raised on a hill in Drenovë, Korça, Mihallaq Milkani had a journey characterized by courage, dedication and unwavering love.

At age 22, in 1957, Mihallaq Milkani left Albania to study at naval academies in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Riga, Latvia (then still part of the Soviet Union), according to his younger brother Piro Milkani, of who is one of the most popular Albanian directors.

Mihallaq Milkani returned to Albania, where he served as a naval officer until the early 1970s. He served in submarines near the island of Sazan.

Milkani taught as a professor for about 10 years, until 1982, at the Naval Academy in Vlora. He even wrote a textbook that his students would use as an important textbook.

 "Even though I am a public figure in Albania, people often stopped me on the street to shake my hand and introduce themselves as proud students of my brother's studies at the Maritime Academy in Vlora," said Piro Milkani.

"It was all thanks to Mihallaq's dedication to his profession", he said.