Artan Hoxha tells the unusual story: He escaped to Greece hidden in his luggage, to watch the final of the "Champions" Milan-Barça

2024-04-03 15:49:41Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Journalist Artan Hoxha

Journalist Artan Hoxha has narrated an unusual story, in which he was the protagonist in 1994.

Commenting on the serious accident of illegal immigrants yesterday near Këlcyra, Hoxha said that many Albanians have experienced the sacrifices of illegal immigration.

In the show "Top Talk" on Top Channel, he also recalled a story when he had gone illegally to Athens, hidden in the trunk of a car, to watch the final of the Champions League, Milan - Barcelona.

"I ran away with a group of 7 people in a car from Çorovoda. It was the final of the Champions League, Milan Barcelona, ??the Greek driver put a before, night, after, and I got into the trunk. And I'm glad I'm in the trunk because there's more room. And the driver took us to the car.

Even when I saw them yesterday, two of those deserts were in the trunk, they didn't find out at all. I also slept most of the way.

We have almost 40% of the population in emigration, these accidents are inevitable that will happen one day, because Albania is one of the main lines and we cannot avoid it", said journalist Hoxha.