He tried to bribe the policeman, the 25-year-old was immediately arrested (VIDEO)

2024-04-03 17:26:00Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The moment of the arrest of the 25-year-old

A young man was handcuffed today in Tirana, as he tried to bribe a traffic police officer.

From the images distributed by the police, the young man who tries to give the police officer a 1000 lek bribe can be seen, but he is immediately handcuffed.

"Today, on 03.04.2024, a driver of a vehicle was arrested "for active corruption" of the Traffic Police employees who remained on trial, namely the citizen with the initials, AZ, 25 years old.

Caught in the act, this citizen tried to offer bribes to State Police employees. The fight against this shameful phenomenon will be intensified, either against offenders, or against those who commit passive corruption, police officers", the police announced.