He was arrested 2 months ago, the Court releases the "soldier" of the Gaxhai gang

2024-04-23 12:45:19Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The court has released from prison the member of the "Gaxhai Gang", who was arrested two months ago.

After the sensational arrest in Durrës, the file of Armando Sulejmani, known by the nickname 'Çipuri', was handed over to the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana.

But, despite the fact that the prosecution requested that 'Cipuri' be kept in prison, on March 8, the Court set the security measure 'compulsion to appear'.

The arrest of Cipuri
On 21.02.2024, around 20:30 during patrolling by the services of the Special Force "Shqiponja" in district no. 15, Durrës, near the university, a "Mercedes-Benz" type vehicle was noticed stopped. with license plate AB627IE. On the part of the service, this license plate was verified by the operating room, where it turned out that this license plate belonged to a "Land Rover" type vehicle, which was reported stolen in Tirana. After approaching this vehicle, they signaled to its driver not to move from the vehicle, but at this moment he tried to leave quickly.

After walking a few meters, he stopped because the road was blocked with a pile of dirt, while the police officers approached, who made it possible to stop the driver of the vehicle, Armando Sulejmani, born and resident in Vlora. During the inspection of his vehicle at the gear lever, a screwdriver was found wrapped in a bag along with some screws like those used to fix vehicle license plates, while two vehicle license plates AB273GY were found in the trunk of this vehicle. After he was escorted to the premises of the Durrës Police Station, further identification was made of the license plates that were located on his vehicle, this citizen, which were revealed in the search by the Local Directorate of the Tirana Police on 03.11.2023 as they belonged to a "Land Rover" type vehicle reported stolen. While two AB273GY targets found in the trunk of the "Mercedes Benz" type vehicle, used by citizen Armando Sulejmani, turn out to be the regular number plates of this vehicle, which turns out to be owned by citizen LZ

After examining the case, the Tirana court set as a security measure for the person under investigation Armando Sulejmani that of "obligation to appear before the judicial police" every 7-17 of the month, at 11.00. The Prosecutor's Office of Tirana opposes this decision and has appealed to the second level of the judiciary, which decided not to accept the appeal, as a result Sulejmani will continue under the measure of the obligation to appear. Sulejmani is described as one of Gaxhai's trusted soldiers during 1997, but he was prosecuted and accused of other crimes.