He was working with his son-in-law in Malta, the Albanian from Librazhdi lost his life in Malta: Father of 6 children!

2024-04-23 12:12:26Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
PHOTO: Bari Balla

Bari Balla , is the 51-year-old Albanian, who lost his life at the workplace in Malta .

The Albanian, who lived in ?a?-?ebbu? , died after a roof of a 1920s house on St Ignatius Street collapsed.

A 31-year-old Albanian, who is the son-in-law of the victim, was wounded and suffered minor injuries.

Balla, who was from Librazhdi, had been living and working in Malta for two years, he celebrated his birthday last December and was the father of six children, where the youngest is only 12 years old.

On Saturday morning, a wall collapsed causing the roof to collapse while two Albanian workers were testing the site to see if it could withstand the planned works.

While the company was granted permission by the Planning Commission, they could not yet begin work until the investigation period had passed.

After the collapse, the Building Authority issued a statement saying that the work had not yet been sanctioned and was being carried out without the necessary permits./Taken from NewsBook adapted VoxNews .