Dismissals begin at ABC News, Endri Xhafo leaves without notice: I was told that tomorrow you no longer have a show!

2022-12-05 16:51:20Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Endri Xhafo

A few weeks ago, "ABC NEWS" television was bought by the businessman from Kosovo, Shkëlqim Devolli, and it seems that they immediately started with the dismissals, even though we are in the middle of the season.

Journalist Endri Xhafo, through a post on social networks, announces that his show "Log." will no longer be broadcast on "Abc". 

He says that they informed him only this morning, that he will not broadcast the show tomorrow with the reasoning "program restructuring of ABC". Xhafo further adds that with the current situation of this television, the blame remains the child and you have nowhere to ask for the right

The journalist says that the new programs, no matter how good and dedicated they are, will never be able to take root.

Full reaction:

In the LOG. will not be held again!

This morning I was informed that, with immediate effect, the LOG show. is interrupted. So, for tomorrow, Tuesday, we have to notify the guests not to come. Official reason: ABC programming restructuring. The point is that with the current situation of ABC, the blame remains on the child and you have nowhere to ask for the right. Thank you!

LOG. in fact, it's not the first show to close, it won't be the last either. The media market has become very dynamic for some time. However, this often conjunctural dynamism does not come from within, as a result of supply-demand, the quality of the programs, or the skill of the moderators. This damages new programs like LOG., which, no matter how well and diligently they are made, will never be able to take root. The key to the success of a good program is, among other things, consistency. LOG. is being axed at the start of its third season, for "programming restructuring," though until yesterday, according to ABC's now-disbanded board, it was the official voice of ABC's (balanced) editorial line.

LOG., the place where the village is assembled, written with a period at the end as if it were the first part of the word LOG.jikë, according to an idea of ??Genc Gjinec, tried very hard to be the place of a reasonable debate. The credit for this belongs to all those who contributed; faults are mine alone.

Good luck at the summit tomorrow!