What are the 5 red areas of Tirana where the most drugs are sold?

2022-12-05 16:21:24Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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After a series of operations conducted from January until now, the Police has identified the 5 most problematic areas where drugs are distributed. Alliasi is one of the peripheral areas of Tirana, which for the capital's police is considered a red zone where narcotics are traded or distributed. Kombinati, Lapraka, the former bus park and the Fresk area are also at risk.

According to police data, in 11 months it turned out that 1180 people were involved in this criminal activity. 311 of them were arrested for cultivation, sale, distribution or trafficking of narcotics. Another 859 people are being investigated at large and 10 perpetrators are still wanted.

In quite a few cases, it has turned out that narcotics of various types, such as cocaine, heroin and cannabis, have been sold in small doses, and mainly cannabis, even near schools, ABC reports. Mostly, the people involved in the sale of drugs in small doses turned out to be teenagers.

During the police operations, in some of which incentivized purchases were made with undercover agents, various amounts of drugs, 126 kg of cannabis, about 7 kg of cocaine, and doses of heroin were seized.