The famous Natasha of "TikTok" ends up in a cell/ The quarrel over the grandson started 6 years ago, the sensational confrontation between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law

2024-02-21 12:23:53Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

A TikTok personality named Natasha has been arrested along with her son, after they exploited their 10-year-old grandson for profit on TikTok.

They went live on this social network with other people and taught the 10-year-old how to insult them with harsh and derogatory words.

In the TikTok social network, the 67-year-old grandmother used her grandson to get as many clicks as possible, which turn into money. In a live video, the 10-year-old boy is seen with his father, Natasha and several other people. The minor has not stopped insulting another woman with banal words, where his father taught him what to say, while his grandmother looked at him and laughed.

Natasha is a well-known character to the public, since a few years ago her story with her bride made rounds on social networks. She confronted her ex-fiancee live in a television studio as they fought over custody of their son.

On March 19, 2017, in the column "There is a message for you" of E Diela Shqiptare, the case of a mother on the verge of divorce became known to the public. "My strength is my son", said Englangina before starting the painful confession related to her young son.

As the young woman from Kuçova stated at that time, her mother-in-law and her husband did not allow her to see the boy, as by a court decision custody belonged to them. But England said that they had given money for such a thing.

To make the story even clearer, taking both sides' versions, England had a televised showdown with Natasha a week later (March 26, 2017). The truth of Natasha Rombula was quite different. According to the 67-year-old, her daughter-in-law was not able to take care of her grandson.

"Why didn't you come to get him?", she addressed England, claiming that she never took care of her son. Meanwhile, the latter objected, accusing her mother-in-law of "filling her son with negative thoughts about him".

The tense situation between them did not end there, their television appearances were frequent and without any consensus.

This Wednesday, the story took another turn. It seems that the conflicts have not been extinguished for 6 years in a row, while Natasha Rombula and her son Armando Kumaraku have fallen into the hands of the police.