NAMES/ They used the 10-year-old to make MONEY from the 10-year-old's videos with banal words on TikTok, his grandmother and father are arrested!

2024-02-21 11:35:42Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Armando Kumaraku and Natasha Rombola

An unusual case comes this Wednesday from Kuçova, where the police announced the arrest of two people: Mother and son.

67-year-old Natasha Rombula and 44-year-old Armando Kumaraku were arrested after a 2-month investigation, where the authorities concluded that they used a 10-year-old, the nephew and son of the arrested, in order to profit from the TikTok social network.

They posted videos of minors with derogatory and banal words. The report on the case in question was made by the mother of the 10-year-old, in December of the previous year.

Rombula and Kumaraku were declared wanted to be arrested later in Saranda, where they lived.

Police notification

Specialists of the Section for the Investigation of Crimes of the Ku?ovo Police Station, after the report received in December 2023, from the citizen EA, that her ex-husband and his mother posted on the TikTok social network, a video where her son a 10-year-old minor, using derogatory and banal words, immediately referred the materials to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction of Berat, which registered the criminal proceedings for this case.

As a result of the two-month investigation with proactive methods, the announcement was made in search of citizens Armando Kumaraku and Natasha Rombula. After providing police intelligence, by specialists for the investigation of crimes of the Kuçovo Police Station, for the location of these 2 citizens, a police operation coded "Show" was organized in cooperation with the Saranda Police Station.

As part of the operation, the 2 wanted citizens were arrested in Saranda, who were then escorted to the Kuçovo Police Station for further procedural actions.

At the end of the actions carried out by the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of Berat General Jurisdiction, the specialists for the Investigation of Crimes of the Kuçovo Police Station have detained the citizens AK, 44 years old and NR, 67 years old, both residents of Saranda .

Natasha Rombula and Armando Kumaraku are not unknown characters to the public. They have had several appearances on TV shows and social networks.

For the first time, Natasha Rombula appeared on television after having conflicts with her ex-daughter-in-law, over custody of the 10-year-old.

On social networks, there are numerous videos of the 67-year-old herself, who freely uses banal words and does not spare insults for her ex-daughter-in-law.