The farmer teacher, the biology teacher who grows vegetables in a special way

2023-01-29 16:59:43Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Haki Lika

Haki Lika, from the village of Petovë e Fieri, was once a biology-chemistry teacher.

Working as a biology teacher helped him build the first vegetable greenhouse in the village in the 1990s.

On an area of ??land of 7 dynym, he cultivates peppers and tomatoes. The 70-year-old says that in these 30 years, the good quality of agricultural products has secured him the market.

"I do special treatments with organic substances. Choose the best fertilizer that serves the plant" - says the farmer.

The taste of the tomato, according to Haki, is guaranteed by the natural pollination done by the bees in his greenhouse.

"The roast must be biological, only on trees. They must be baked in order, this has all the parameters of quality, taste and color" - says farmer Haki Lika for Tch.

In these 30 years of working as a farmer, Hakiu has learned that a product free from hormones and pesticides never remains unsold.

He tried to convey the same thing to the young farmers of the big Lika family.