"Unstable conditions," here's the weather forecast for today

2023-03-21 08:12:02Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The Military Meteorological Service announces that today the country will be affected by unstable atmospheric conditions due to moist air masses of southwest origin.

The weather is expected to be mostly cloudy with few intervals of clearing. Rainfall is expected in the early hours of the morning, initially along the coastline, and gradually the rain will extend to the rest of the country. Rainfall is expected to be of low to moderate intensity.

Light snow is also predicted in mountainous areas. Locally rainfall in the form of thunderstorms. In the late hours of the evening, the rains stop in most of the country and are localized only in the mountainous areas.

The wind will blow southeast-northwest and speed 1-8 m/sec, along the southern coastline up to 12 m/sec. Waves in the seas are expected to be 1-2 force.