"I benefited from public tenders..."/ Linda Rama's daughter takes Berisha and six opposition MPs to court for defamation

2024-07-10 19:51:30Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Rea Xillari

"The first stepmother of the country, the daughter of the Rama family, has benefited through the companies of a Belgian studio in which she is employed, it has been, that there is history now and back, Rea Xhillari", says Berisha.

Sali Berisha, chairman of the Democratic Party together with his deputies, Luan Baçi, Flamur Noka, Tritan Shehu, Albana Vokshi, Edi Paloka, Edmond Spaho have been sued for the violation of personality and reputation by the spread of untrue statements of a defamatory nature.

This is the indictment which is available from Top Channel filed in the Court of Tirana by Rea Xhillari, the daughter of the wife of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

She addressed the court with this lawsuit after a bunch of accusatory statements not supported by facts by Berisha and his deputies, including a request for interpellation with Edi Rama regarding the activity of Rea Xhillari.

"I am forced to move the court to exercise judicial control, over a fabricated defamation against me that started in August 2016, when exactly 8 years ago Sali Berisha accused me of having participated and benefited from public tenders. According to the individual for whom I am seeking judicial review, I obtained these tenders "through the commercial entity 51N4E", which is actually an architectural studio based in Brussels. Throughout these 8 years, Sali Berisha has occasionally continued to slander my name in public, arbitrarily associating me with activities, individuals and benefits without any connection with me", writes Rea Xhillari.

In the indictment, she explains why she is now taking this step by addressing the defamation in court.

"In these 8 years, I have judged that the public slander against me, consumed by my slanderer in the political and public arena, does not deserve my involvement. This is because, firstly, I have not chosen politics as my field of interest and I am not only a direct factor, but also an indirect factor in the political debate. Secondly, because Sali Berisha has been declared a "slanderer" by court decision in many cases, and it seemed to me that patience was more reasonable than denouncing a character whose slander is second nature. Finally, because this character has not stopped targeting, hitting and defaming my mother, Linda Rama, from the moment she chose to be Edi Rama's wife. Linda, my mother, is my example of citizenship and professionalism, the model of family devotion and public dignity" , writes Rea Xhillari.

The defamation of 8 years against me, says Rea Xhillari, on June 10, 2024 advanced, through a written request, being transported from the space of political dalliance, to the legislative institution of my country.

In the request for interpellation, the opposition MPs accused Rea Xhillari of having participated and benefited from public tenders, as a collaborator through the commercial entity "I RI" sh.pk, co-founded by the citizen Gent Agolli and the entity 51N4E".

"He benefited from 33 payments for public contracts in the amount of 1.9 billion ALL. She participated in and benefited from public tenders, without pretending to be a direct owner, but connected to commercial entities and as their collaborator, she benefited from significant monetary values ??from them ," the DP's accusations state.

Rea Xillari rejects these accusations.

"These false and extremely serious statements by the defendants in my direction, are a criminal intervention in my life and serve the purpose of denigrating my person without any evidence. They are done to create in public the image of a person benefiting from family proximity to their political opponent, through activities which, if they were true, would be an object for the criminal prosecution bodies", according to Rea Xhillari.

For the relationship with the 51N4E company in Belgium, give this clarification.

"To do my Teaching Practice (or Internship), I applied to the 51N4E design studio in Belgium. To my application to be accepted as a student intern for a period of 9 months, this studio responded positively in September of 2011. I underline that Edi Rama at that moment did not hold any official function while I was just a student", said Rea Xhillari .

Rea Xhillari points out that the joint defendants of the Parliament of Albania, in their request for interpellation with the Prime Minister Edi Rama, have fabricated an identity of mine without any relation to me and have taken it upon themselves to appoint a completely unknown individual as a professional partner through defamation for me. Rea Xillari closes the indictment with these words.

"I have no other weapon to protect myself from the consequences of this political, social and legal perversity, except by turning to justice"./ TCH