Mafia assassination in Athens, who was the victim Roan Brahimi, from the conflicts between Vis Martinaj to the Fushë Kruja massacre

2024-05-09 22:29:09Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The massacre of Fushë Kruja

A serious event took place this evening in Athens, as a couple of Albanians fell prey to an assassination attempt with firearms.

As a result, the 32-year-old husband was killed, while the 37-year-old wife was injured.

It is learned that the victim is Roan Brahimi, known as an enemy of Vis Martinaj.

According to the information, an unknown person shot at the couple inside a car

Everything happened shortly after 21:30 at night on "Messolongiou" street. Suddenly a motorcycle passed the car and a person pulled out a gun and opened fire at the vehicle.

Roan Brahimi was wanted for the terror they caused in a bar in Zejmen, Lezha, where they entered armed with Kalashnikovs looking for the owner, an event that happened in 2021.

From the Fushë Kruja massacre where Brilant Martinaj was killed to the assassination of Ylli Brahjas, who was Roan Brahimi killed tonight in Greece

Roan Brahimi is one of the people suspected of having a hand in the assassination of Ylli Ibrahimi, where Klisman Preçi died. "Në Shënještër" in News 24, revealed in December 2022 that the police have searched the apartment of Brahim alias Sidorel Prendi, in the village of Pllana in Lezha.

In the apartment, the police found only his father, Gjovalin Prendi, who said that he had no idea where his son was, at least for a year. Roan Brahimi has been declared wanted for the terror they caused in a bar in Zejmen, Lezha, where they entered armed with Kalashnikovs looking for the owner, an event that happened in 2021. As authors of the same event, the deputy's nephew has also been declared wanted of the Socialist Party Rrahman Rraja, Ramazan Rraja and Alesio Dobrozi.

Roan Brahimi was also wanted by the police for the execution of Brilant Martinaj and his friends, at the Fushë-Kruja overpass, on July 17, 2022. But why was the investigative group investing so much in the name of Roan Brahimi, as one of the most likely people suspect for the assassination of Ylli Brahja and his now deceased friend, Klisman Preçi. According to secret police documents, everything is said to arise after a conflict that Roan Brahimi had with Ylli Brahjan. Where the latter, according to the prosecution documents, is thought to have taken Roan Brahim to one of the bases where Ervis Martinaj and his trusted men were.

The base located near Fushë Kuqe, where it is believed that Rohan Brahimi was brutally raped. All this. for gambling debts. Upon his exit from there alive, he is said to have warned Ylli Brahjan that "he would never forgive what he had done to him". But is this the real motive for the assassination of Ylli Brahja, on the evening of July 22, 2022, in the center of Milot.

How did the assassination happen?

Klisman Preçi and Ylli Ibrahimi were moving in an armored vehicle, but 108 blind-piercing bullets managed to get inside their vehicle. 28-year-old Preçi was shot first, the moment he got out of the car. After him, Ylli Brahimi opened the door and tried to get out of the vehicle in which he was a passenger, but in the face of non-stop shooting that lasted for nearly 3 minutes, he entered the car again to protect himself from the bullets. Preçi lost his life while Ibrahimi survived. Before the prosecutors, Ibrahimi did not give any details of the incident.